Langley FC U18s Join Forces With Harrow United FC

Langley FC and Harrow United FC are excited to announce their collaboration, as Langley FC welcomes new faces for the U18s competing in the Southern Counties Floodlit Youth League. Harrow United Club Director, Mel Mentesh joins as Team Secretary, Mentesh Mentesh as Team Manager, and Derenik Grigorian as Assistant Manager. This collaboration aims to build on the achievements of last season’s promotion from the Delphian Division while leveraging Harrow United FC’s proven track record in developing a player pathway through North Greenford United and participation in the Allied Counties Youth Football League.

The alliance between Langley FC and Harrow United FC signifies a commitment to fostering talent and providing an optimal environment for young footballers to thrive. The appointment of Mel Mentesh as Team Secretary ensures efficient management and administration, while Mentesh Mentesh’s expertise as Team Manager brings a wealth of knowledge in nurturing young talent. Derenik Grigorian, joining as Assistant Manager, further strengthens the team’s coaching staff with his passion for player development.

Langley FC is eager to continue their upward trajectory, building on the success of last season’s promotion. The collaboration with Harrow United FC reinforces both clubs’ dedication to providing a clear player pathway and fostering holistic development among its youth players.

For inquiries and further information, please contact: [email protected]

About Harrow United FC: Harrow United FC is renowned for its success in developing players through a proven player pathway alongside North Greenford United and participation in the Allied Counties Youth Football League. Their expertise and track record contribute to Langley FC’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth among their youth players.

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